To protect an enterprise from ‘hackers’ and ‘data breaches’ a company must have a comprehensive application security plan.  A comprehensive Software Security program can save money and measurably reduces risk from software hackers and data loses. The SSCS application security consulting team can help find security vulnerabilities in your enterprise software applications.  We can assist your development team(s) with the automation process of fixing security vulnerabilities and securing the software development lifecycle (SDLC), which will aid in protecting your applications against Website ‘hackers’.

Are your applications truly secure?

Turn on the news today, and you’ll see how hacks and other cyber threats are wreaking havoc on businesses across the globe. What you might not know is that 84 percent of security breaches exploit vulnerabilities in corporate software applications. While software security is becoming a higher priority, for many businesses it’s still an afterthought for most—with 33 percent of applications never even are tested for security vulnerabilities. In the modern world, having insecure software and services can negatively impact the bottom line of an enterprise. As breaches become more prevalent, the tools and techniques used in these breaches gain legitimacy and a monetary value.

Application security in the new SDLC

While the statistics are staggering, application security awareness is increasing. However, this also comes at a time when there is tremendous pressure on developers to build new, better applications—faster than ever before. As a result, development teams are turning to more agile processes and DevOps to further streamline workflows and reduce time-to-market. This is also forcing companies to consider a new approach to the software development lifecycle (SDLC)—a new SDLC that looks holistically at the software development process and integrates security testing from beginning to end.

Complete software security testing and management

 Caliban & Associates—is a key leader in application security consulting —and provides reliable, comprehensive security through all stages of the new SDLC. SSCS delivers a flexible, comprehensive suite of application security programs that target businesses wanting to integrate agile techniques with greater protection and control. Together, these technologies focus on three distinct areas of protection: secure development, security testing, and continuous monitoring and protection

Software Security Consulting QuickStart Services

The SSCS QuickStart Services are designed to help small and midsize financial organizations get started with one-week to two-week software application diagnostic engagements using proven methodologies to deliver fast, effective results, and a demonstrated ROI.

SSCS consultants, with the assistance of your team, will design an enterprise architecture and deployment strategy for your enterprise software portfolio. Our team of consultants will help you identify resource requirements, recommend best-practice Web server deployment, and configuration for ongoing scanning and analysis. To enable teams for continuous assurance for security, automation must be a focal point in the solution. In support of this, our focus is to develop low-friction security services.


Developers need to move at the speed of business innovation

However, embedding security into the software development lifecycle, no matter where the software is created. The first step in doing this is testing the software at whichever lifecycle stage it’s in, whether it’s a legacy app that’s been running in your environment for a long time or software that is being built now or being procured through a vendor. Leveraging a security gate somewhere throughout the process is always the first place to start.



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